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On June 18-23, 2017, in Anchorage (Alaska, USA), the International Engineering Alliance (IEA) Forum was held, including closed meetings of the Washington Accord (WA), the International Professional Engineers Agreement (IPEA) and the APEC Agreement.

The International Engineering Alliance (IEA) unites professional organizations dealing with the problems of the quality of engineering education, accreditation of educational programs in the field of engineering and technology, certification (registration) of professional engineers.

Representatives of organizations from all over the world who are full or associate members of agreements in the field of accreditation of educational programs (Washington, Sydney, Dublin) and registration of professional engineers (APEC, IETA, AIET, IPEA) are invited to participate in the IEA Forum. Also organizations that have expressed a desire to become a signatory of one of the accords or agreements can take part in the Forum activities. The total estimated number of delegates to the Forum in 2017 was 170 people.

The Association for Engineering Education of Russia is the only organization that represents Russian Federation in the International Engineering Alliance, being a full member of the APEC Engineers Agreement (since 2010), a full member of the Washington Accord (from 2012) and a provisional member of the IPEA (from 2013). At Forum AEER was represented by Zaitseva Ksenia Konstantinovna, responsible for the development of the international activities of the Association.

During the work of the IEA Education Forum on June 18-20, 2017, the delegates were addressed by the Chairman of the Board of the International Engineering Alliance, prof. David Holger, who presented the history of the alliance, the structure, the actual composition of the IEA Board, the number of members of each Agreement, the main tasks and areas of activity.

On June 21, 2017 a closed meeting of the Washington Accord members was held.

The Washington Accord was signed in 1989 by eight English-speaking countries (on behalf of the accrediting organizations of these countries conducting professional accreditation) in support of mutual recognition of the criteria and procedures for professional accreditation of educational programs in the field of engineering and technology (engineering education programs).

The Association of Engineering Education of Russia was an associate member of the WA (provisional member) since 2007 and became a full member since 2012.

WA's full members (signatories) are represented by accrediting organizations of 18 countries, including Australia, Canada, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Turkey, USA, and Great Britain.

Following voting at the meeting in Anchorage (Alaska, USA), an accrediting organization from Pakistan (PEC) was admitted to the full members of the Washington Accord. Thus, the number of full members (signatory countries) of WA is currently 19.

According to the rules of the Washington Accord, the periodic monitoring is carried out every 6 years for signatory countries. Until the end of 2017, AEER is a subject to WA periodic monitoring review to confirm that the activity of the AEER in the field of international professional accreditation fully meets the requirements of the Washington Accord. As part of the monitoring, WA international observers will participate in audits of several educational programs conducted by the AEER.

On June 23, 2017 a closed meeting of the APEC Agreement countries, the leading international register of professional engineers in the APEC region, was held. The agreement between the APEC Agreement signatory countries is signed in support of mutual recognition of criteria (requirements) and procedures for certification of professional engineers in the signatory countries. The full members of this alliance are organizations certifying professional engineers in the countries of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, in particular: Australia, Canada, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, and United Kingdom. Russia represented by AEER has been a full member of APEC since 2010.

Within the framework of the meeting, a voting procedure was held on the extension of membership of some of the signatory countries that were periodically monitored in 2016-2017.

According to the results of the voting, membership of South Korea was renewed for 6 years, and ofAustralia for 2 years, with the mandatory condition: the submission within 6 months of a report on the implementation of improving changes in accordance with the observations noted in the commission's report. When considering the extension of AEER membership (Russia), the chairman of the APEC Agreement monitoring committee for Russia, Mr. Tjipto Kusumo, who was personally present at the meeting, was invited as a speaker. Mr. Tjipto Kusumo prepared a presentation in which he outlined the main stages of the monitoring, the structure and the certification system of the AEER, the strengths and weaknesses of the AEER in international certification of professional engineers. In his speech, Mr. Tjipto Kusumo described the certification system applied in the AEER, as generally satisfying the requirements of the APEC Agreement.

As a result of voting, the AEER membership in the APEC Agreement was extended for 6 years.

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